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Shipping Terms


(a) When authorized by the Buyer, F.O.B. ORIGIN freight shipments which do not have a security classification shall move on prepaid commercial bills of lading or other shipping documents to domestic destinations, including air and water terminals.

(b) PRODUCT ordered by Buyer shall be shipped by Seller F.O.B. ORIGIN from Seller’s nearest facility capable of meeting Buyer’s requirements using a common carrier (rail, truck air or freight forwarder).  Weight of individual shipments shall be governed by carrier restrictions but shall not exceed 150 pounds by any form of commercial ground or air or 1,000 pounds by other commercial carriers. For shipments less than 150 pounds, Seller shall use its approved small package transportation company. Seller will use its best effort to ship via its most cost-effective method. Shipping and routing instructions may be altered, orally or in writing, as mutually agreed upon by Seller and Buyer.

(c) Transportation charges will be paid directly to the carrier for each shipment made. A copy of the pertinent bill of lading, shipment receipt, or freight bill shall accompany the invoice unless otherwise specified in the contract.  Buyer will be required to contract directly with carrier for transportation. 

(d) Loss and damage claims will be processed by the Buyer.


F.O.B Origin - Buyer assumes title of the goods the moment the freight carrier picks up or Sellers delivery to carrier and carrier signs the bill of lading.

F.O.B Origin – Freight Collect - Buyer is responsible for all freight charges. The Buyer also assumes all risks of transportation, and therefore is responsible for filing claims in the case of loss or damage.